Who is the villain in what if Episode 8?

How did Anne Montgomery survive?

After being ambushed at her childhood apartment by her “Uncle Liam” (Julian Sands), Anne is saved by Foster’s quick thinking — he throws a knife into Liam when he’s not looking, and gets shot before Liam succumbs to his injuries.

What does the end of What If mean?

Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter gets the final word in What If, which is fitting since the show started with her too. After being plucked out of her universe by the Watcher to join his Guardians of the Multiverse, she returns to her world while in the middle of fighting Batroc the Leaper.

How did Natasha and Clint survive Ultron?

In What If…?, Clint lost his family when Ultron released the world’s nuclear weapons. So, in an attempt to save Natasha and an Ultron sentry containing Arnim Zola’s A.I., Clint was the one to let go of Natasha’s hand, sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Is there an end credit scene in What If?

Yes, What If…? Season 1 Episode 9 contains a post-credits scene. After the first set of credits roll, fans can see Captain Carter returning to her home universe and reuniting with her Natasha.

What will ep 8 of what if be about?

That’s the central conceit of What If…? Episode 8, which takes Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to a timeline in which Ultron not only beat the Avengers in 2015 but also went on to take down Thanos, take control of all six Infinity Stones, and continue his genocidal mission throughout the entire universe.

Who is the villain in what if Episode 8?

In none other than the universe that the evil Doctor Strange destroyed. This Doctor Strange was the first to notice the Watcher, and he’s been patiently waiting for the omnipotent being to come to him.

How did Ultron break into the multiverse?

Shortly after discovering the existence of Uatu, Ultron broke through to the Watcher’s private dimension, and then traversed through an untold number of alternate universes during their fight. This can likely be attributed to the Space Stone, which allows the user to travel anywhere they please in the universe.

Does what if Episode 8 have a post credit scene?

episode 8 does not have a post-credits scene. Those hoping for a bonus scene during or after the credits will, once again, be disappointed to learn that there is nothing to see.

What is the last what if episode?

What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?
What If…?/Latest episode

What happened to Dr Strange?

After successfully completing a rare hemispherectomy, surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange and his girlfriend Dr. Christine Palmer drive to a celebration party in his honor. However, they get into a car crash that kills Palmer.

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