What is the dominant climate in Central Africa?

How is the climate of East Africa affected?

The climate is basically influenced by the seasonal winds known as the monsoon winds. These seasonal winds affect the coastal areas of E.Africa i.e. the N.E & S.E monsoons tend to bring in heavy rainfall. The rainfall is high and ranges between 1000mm and 1800mm. Since the coastal regions are at a lower altitude, high temperatures are experienced.

What kind of climate does most of Africa have?

Great parts of North Africa and Southern Africa as well as the whole Horn of Africa mainly have a hot desert climate, or a hot semi-arid climate for the wetter locations.

What is the largest climatic feature in Africa?

The Sahara Desert in North Africa is the largest hot desert in the world and is one of the hottest, driest and sunniest places on Earth.

What’s the weather like in the Central African Republic?

In the Central African Republic, a country located south of the Sahara and north of the Equator, the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a dry season in winter, and a rainy season, which lasts for most of the year in the south, and is limited to the summer months in the north.

What are the major climate zones of central Africa?

Due to its geographic situation, Central Africa confers a variety of climate types which can be grouped into two broad types : equatorial and tropical (Figure 2.1). Some areas of limited extent are subjected to montane climate, such as the Albertine Rift (towards the East of DRC) and the Cameroon volcanic line.

What is the dominant climate in Central Africa?

Africa’s climate is dominated by desert conditions along vast stretches of its northern and southern fringes. The central portion of the continent is wetter, with tropical rainforests, grasslands, and semi-arid climates.

What are the 5 major factors that affect climate?

Factors that Influence Climate

  • Elevation or Altitude effect climate. Normally, climatic conditions become colder as altitude increases.
  • Prevailing global wind patterns.
  • Topography.
  • Effects of Geography.
  • Surface of the Earth.
  • Climate change over time.

    When is the dry season in Central Africa?

    The dry season is limited to the three winter months, from December to February, when some occasional showers may still occur. The rainiest period is from July to October, when precipitation hovers around 190/220 mm (7.5/8.7 in) per month.

What are the climatic conditions?

the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years. a region or area characterized by a given climate: to move to a warm climate.

What is the average temperature of Central Africa?

The average temperature throughout the country ranges from 70°F to 93°F.

What are the 4 types of climate?

The types of climates are: Tropical, Desert/dry, Temperate, Polar, Mediterranean. Polar climate (also called boreal climate), has long, usually very cold winters, and short summers. Temperate climates have four seasons.

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