What farming does Afghanistan have?

What was the main source of income in Afghanistan?

The Afghan economy and opium. “Despite the fact that only 12 percent of its land is arable, agriculture is a way of life for 70 percent of Afghans and is the country’s primary source of income. During good years, Afghanistan produced enough food to feed its people as well as supply a surplus for export.

What is Afghanistan’s cash crop?

Farmers in Kandahar say poverty and decreasing returns for their agricultural produce forced them to cultivate poppies, which are largely considered the best cash crop in the impoverished country.

What farming does Afghanistan have?

In 2001, the principal food crops were corn, rice, barley, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. In Afghanistan, industry is also based on agriculture, along with raw materials. The major industrial crops are cotton, tobacco, castor beans, and sugar beets. Sheep farming is also extremely valuable.

What are the products of animal husbandry in Afghanistan?

Animal husbandry produces meat and dairy products for local consumption; skins, especially those of the famous karakul, and wool (both for export and for domestic carpet weaving) are also important products. Livestock includes sheep, cattle, goats, donkeys, horses, camels, buffalo, and mules.

What are the most important crops in Afghanistan?

Region Province Major Commodities Grain Fruit & Nuts Vegetable Industrial Crops South Ghazni Wheat, Barley Almond, Apple, Grape, Apricot Potato, Onion Alfalfa, Clover Khost Wheat, Beans, Pea Pomegranate, Walnut, Onion, Tomato, Melon, Watermelon Cotton, Tobacco Paktya Wheat, Maize, Rice Apple, Grape]

Which is more profitable opium or wheat in Afghanistan?

Opium is more profitable than wheat and destroying opium fields could possibly lead to discontent or unrest among the indigent population. Some poppy eradication programs have, however, proven effective, especially in the north of Afghanistan.

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