What city is located at 1 degrees south and 37 degrees east?

What country is 140 E 36 N?

36n 140e latitude and longitude

Name : 36n 140e
Type : State
Country : Japan
State : Ibaraki Prefecture
District : NA


What is the latitude and longitude of Busan?

35.1796° N, 129.0756° E

What is the nearest city in 36 N 140 E?

Explanation: If you look world map you can see this is city of Tokyo in Japan.

Which cities are on the same latitude?

Miami is at the same latitude as Saudi Arabia. Honolulu at the same latitude as the Sahara desert. Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Houston are all at the same latitude as North Africa. Anchorage is further south than Reykjavik.

What cities are at 37 degrees latitude?

Landmarks on the 37th parallel include Santa Cruz, California; Gilroy, California; Madera, California; Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley; Colorado City, Arizona; the Four Corners at the intersection with the 32nd meridian west from Washington (the only place where four U.S. states meet at a point); Cairo, Illinois; …

What city is located at 1 degrees south and 37 degrees east?

A really easy one. Just a few dozen miles from central Nairobi, in the pleasant hills around Thika and, according to the roadmap, right next to a good tarmac road.

What city is 35n and 90w?

As an example, the location for New Orleans is 30 N, 90 W. This is read as 30 degrees north latitude, and 90 degrees west longitude. The map above shows the New Orleans location.

Which two cities have almost the same longitude?

Question 17 options: Cairo and Jerusalem.

What city is located at 37 S 175 E?

37S 175 E latitude and longitude

Name : 37s 175 e
District : NA
Locality : NA
Sub-Locality : NA
Closest Address : Auckland Conservancy, Auckland 2582, New Zealand

Which city does the prime meridian go through?

Greenwich, England
They chose the meridian passing through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. The Greenwich Meridian became the international standard for the prime meridian. The prime meridian also sets Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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