What are two of the major ethnic groups tribal groups in Afghanistan?

What kind of people are the Tajiks of Afghanistan?

Alternative names for the Tajiks are Fārsī (Persian), Fārsīwān (Persian-speaker), and Dīhgān (cf. Tajik: Деҳқон, romanized : Dehqon, literally “farmer or settled villager”, in a wider sense “settled” in contrast to “nomadic”). Like the rest of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan, the origin of Tajiks is a mystery.

What are the three most common ethnic groups in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a large, landlocked country in South Asia and is home to a number of different ethnic groups, languages, religions, and cultures. The three largest ethnic groups are the Pashtuns, the Tajiks, and the Hazaras.

What are two of the major ethnic groups tribal groups in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a multiethnic and mostly tribal society. The population of the country consists of numerous ethnolinguistic groups: Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimaq, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Gujjar, Arab, Brahui, Qizilbash, Pamiri, Kyrgyz, Sadat and others.

Who is the largest Turkic group in Afghanistan?

As a result, they are often viewed as outsiders. Uzbeks form the largest Turkic group in Afghanistan, and they constitute 9% of the total population in the country. They are Sunni Muslims and occupy the Northern region of Afghanistan. They speak Uzbek, a Turkic language.

Which is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan?

The attan which was originally a dance performed by Pashtuns, is now the national dance of Afghanistan. This map Shows the Ethnolinguistic make-up of Afghanistan. The Pashtuns (ethnic Afghans) make up the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, comprising between 38% and 42% of the country’s population.

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Where do most of the people in Afghanistan live?

Many are known to be in the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) while some in the major cities are bureaucrats, doctors, teachers, professors, traders, and shopkeepers. Others live in rural areas, particularly in Badakhshan, and engage in agriculture.

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