What are 3 countries in South Africa?

How big is the border between South Africa and Namibia?

Which Countries Border South Africa? The border between Namibia and South Africa. Editorial credit: Rainer Lesniewski / Shutterstock.com. South Africa is one of the largest countries in Africa, covering an area of 0.471 million square miles. The country has a land border that stretches 3,021 miles in length.

Which is the nearest country to South Africa?

South Africa has 6 neighbouring countries. There are 6 countries that are directly adjacent to South Africa. Have a look at the neighbouring countries of South Africa. Interactive map: Simply click the numbered red markers to open the respective country. 1. Botswana 2. Lesotho 3. Mozambique 4. Namibia 5. Swaziland 6. Zimbabwe

What 3 countries make up Africa?

Countries in Africa:

# Country Subregion
1 Nigeria Western Africa
2 Ethiopia Eastern Africa
3 Egypt Northern Africa
4 DR Congo Middle Africa

What are 3 countries in South Africa?

The UN subregion of Southern Africa consists of five countries in the southernmost part of the continent–Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

What are the three provinces that border South Africa?

Eastern Cape, Free State, and KwaZulu-Natal are the three South African provinces that touch the border, as well as all of Lesotho’s ten districts. The border was first delineated in 1868 during the formation of the British Protectorate of Basutoland (modern-day Lesotho).

Which country is similar to South Africa?

If you’re looking for a destination which is similar to South Africa, then you may consider Saint Lucia, Belarus, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as well as Cuba. All these countries come in around the South African GDP per capita of R155 302.51.

What is the new name for South Africa?

Republic of South Africa
Since 1961, the long formal name in English has been the “Republic of South Africa” and Republiek van Suid-Afrika in Afrikaans. Since 1994, the country has had an official name in each of its 11 official languages.

Which is the closest country to Africa Spain or Israel?

Which two countries are next to Africa? Assuming that you are talking about Africa as a continent with 54 countries in it ( List of countries in Africa ), Spain and Israel are the two countries nearest to the African continent. Israel shares a direct border with Egypt.

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