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I fail to understand how anyone – Stephen Fry, Nigel Havers et al – can maintain their membership of the Garrick Club and claim to object to its antediluvian policy of refusing to admit women (Report, 16 August). Surely the only ethical stance to take is to own up to it being a mistake to join. To adapt a famous Groucho Marx quote: why would you want to belong to any club that wouldn’t accept a woman as one of its members?
Paul Keleher QC

It is a myth that in the 1960s Latin was required for university entrance (Letters, 13 August). In the mid-60s, I worked at the Careers Research and Advisory Centre, and compiled a table of all the courses that required Latin. Apart from classics, the only courses included were Romance languages and some history and archaeology degrees.
Veronica Matthew

The Clothkits designed by Janet Kennedy (Obituary, 9 August) live on! Apart from a well-loved Kitty doll now used by a second generation, I am currently proudly wearing a Covid face covering made from a child’s dress circa 1985.
Elizabeth Belcher
Sandy, Bedfordshire

Re your article (‘The soundtrack to my life was burping and farting’: how disgusting is your partner?, 14 August), me and my two mates from Yorkshire are regularly in orbit after a curry every few weeks, but don’t tell Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos.
Howard Apps
New Mills, Derbyshire

Christine Hawkes (Letters, 16 August) may be proud of her son farting the first three notes from Holst’s Mars, but wouldn’t Uranus have been more appropriate?
Steen Petersen
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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