Democrats set aggressive timeline to pass Biden’s multitrillion-dollar plans, with pitfalls

Democrats set aggressive timeline to pass Biden's multitrillion-dollar plans, with pitfalls

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi overcame a squabble within Democratic ranks this week and got her members to cast a unified vote Tuesday to advance President Joe Biden’s top legislative priorities. In doing so, she set up an aggressive timeline to pass them. To keep their warring factions happy, Democrats will have to … Read more

‘I opened it and I just started laughing’: the pitfalls of pandemic shopping | Australian lifestyle

[ad_1] When Sam Bowker and his partner moved into their new rental, they planned to buy a couch the same way they usually did – with a trip down to the local op-shop. But Covid-19 scuppered this. The Salvation Army was no longer offering delivery services, so after a couple of drinks one evening, Bowker … Read more