Some Jaguars players ‘aren’t thrilled’ with Urban Meyer’s coaching style: ‘They’re not off to a good start’

Some Jaguars players 'aren't thrilled' with Urban Meyer's coaching style: 'They're not off to a good start'

[ad_1] The Urban Meyer experiment is off to a rough start in Jacksonville. Meyer has faced plenty of criticism ahead of the 2021 NFL season, from his decision to bring in Tim Tebow as a tight end to his unwillingness to name No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence the Jaguars’ starting quarterback. (Meyer finally confirmed what everyone … Read more

Sha’Carri Richardson says Allyson Felix’s support as good as ‘nothing at all’

Sha'Carri Richardson says Allyson Felix's support as good as 'nothing at all'

[ad_1] Sha’Carri Richardson appeared to rebuff Olympian Allyson Felix on Wednesday after the latter spoke out in support of Richardson on a Monday episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Guest host Stephen A. Smith asked Felix on Monday during the show what message she would like to send Richardson, who was eliminated from competing in the … Read more

Madden 22 review: What’s good, bad and new from EA Sports in 2021

Madden 22 review: What's good, bad and new from EA Sports in 2021

[ad_1] Madden 22 had its worldwide release on Friday, August 20. Since then, millions of fans have been playing the simulation football game, but understandably, some may still be holding out to see if the game is worth the $60 asking price for the standard edition. After playing through the different game modes, Sporting News … Read more

I relish a good Freudian slip – that revealing giveaway of the tongue | Health & wellbeing

[ad_1] Sigmund Freud has his fans and his detractors. My take? A lot of his work was pioneering and has relevance to this day; a lot of it was nonsense. One of Freud’s greatest legacies (no, not the scatology obsession) is the one that bears his name: the Freudian slip. (Or parapraxis, to give it … Read more

Good old days: why body confidence improves after 60 | Health & wellbeing

[ad_1] Name: Happy retirees. Age: Well, as you know, people retire at different ages, typically from about 60 onwards. And they are happier then? They can be. Because they no longer work, presumably. That could be one reason. But [looks down] they can’t be happy about what’s happening to them physically. Well, that’s where you’re … Read more

FDA vaccine approval good news for markets, employment, economy

FDA vaccine approval good news for markets, employment, economy

[ad_1] The decision Monday by the Food and Drug Administration to grant full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s two-dose vaccine pushed markets higher, boosting the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 300 points and propelling the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq to fresh highs. Investors appeared to express confidence the move could represent an inflection point for the … Read more