‘Don’t avert your eyes’: Afghan teachers urge world to defend girls’ education | Women’s rights and gender equality

[ad_1] Afghanistan’s only boarding school for girls has temporarily relocated to Rwanda, its co-founder has said, just days after a video of her burning class records to avoid Taliban recriminations was widely shared on social media. Shabana Basij-Rasikh, who escaped Kabul with 250 students and staff, urged the world to “not avert your eyes” from … Read more

Don’t be lonely: how to make friends if you’re moving house | Life and style

[ad_1] Freed from the shackles of the office and the misery of the commute, and with a newfound appreciation for space and air, it may suddenly have seemed as if a new kind of life was possible. Last summer, a few months after the first lockdown, data from Rightmove found searches by city residents looking … Read more

A tip for gardeners: don’t let soil lie bare in winter | Life and style

[ad_1] Nature abhors a vacuum and your soil speaks, in volumes at times, in weeds. Leave it bare and it will respond with a flourish of sow thistles or speedwell or a smattering of nettles; if you don’t listen, it will send out its thoughts in tendrils of bindweed and briars of brambles. Your soil … Read more

Don’t tar all men with the climate crisis brush | Letters

[ad_1] With reference to Lucy Ellmann’s starkly eloquent letter (We should blame men for the climate crisis, 29 July), I have spent 30 years teaching secondary geography pupils that we don’t use the term “manmade” any more – it’s gender-biased. We should use “anthropogenic” instead. It also makes you sound cleverer. I’m not sure that … Read more

Patsy Kensit: ‘You don’t have to marry all your boyfriends’ | Life and style

[ad_1] We grew up without money: two rooms and an outside loo. I remember shyly cowering behind the coal shed as Mum tried to photograph me, but by the age of four I was playing Mia Farrow’s daughter in The Great Gatsby. I loved the fantasy of acting, the contrast of the worlds in which … Read more

MLB star Shohei Ohtani shakes up baseball, and old players like Jack Morris don’t appreciate it

MLB star Shohei Ohtani shakes up baseball, and old players like Jack Morris don't appreciate it

[ad_1] On Wednesday, I visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. When you enter the second floor, the foundation of the game comes to life — first, you find early items reflecting the game’s immediate hold on its fan base, and then, rightly, a huge exhibit about Babe Ruth. The question … Read more

R&B singer R. Kelly’s defenders are telling vulnerable Black women they don’t matter

R&B singer R. Kelly's defenders are telling vulnerable Black women they don't matter

[ad_1] I was lucky enough to be awarded an academic scholarship to start college, but it wasn’t sufficient enough for my family to cover the entire bill. Feeling stuck, I vented to my hairstylist while getting my hair done for my senior prom. To my surprise, he offered to cosign a loan for me. The … Read more