Panasonic photoshopped a white man’s head onto a Black man’s body

Panasonic photoshopped a white man’s head onto a Black man’s body

[ad_1] We recently wrote how Panasonic maybe went a little overboard with wacky promotional images for its new SoundSlayer wearable gaming speaker. Fun, right? Here’s something less amusing: it appears that Panasonic couldn’t be bothered to take actual photos of its product on actual human beings, so it digitally inserted them into royalty-free pictures from … Read more

Disinfection robots and thermal body cameras: welcome to the anti-Covid office | Work & careers

[ad_1] Not so long ago it may have seemed more like a futuristic vision of the workplace – or a hospital. But the hands-free door handles, self-cleaning surfaces, antimicrobial paint, air-monitoring display tools, UV light disinfection robots, and 135 other measures at an office block in Bucharest are here to stay, say the creators behind … Read more

Good old days: why body confidence improves after 60 | Health & wellbeing

[ad_1] Name: Happy retirees. Age: Well, as you know, people retire at different ages, typically from about 60 onwards. And they are happier then? They can be. Because they no longer work, presumably. That could be one reason. But [looks down] they can’t be happy about what’s happening to them physically. Well, that’s where you’re … Read more