Is there a war going on in Vietnam?

How long did America fight in Vietnam?

The role of the United States in the Vietnam War began after World War II and escalated into full commitment during the Vietnam War from 1955 to 1973.

Who won US vs Vietnam War?

The U.S. Army reported 58, 177 losses in Vietnam, the South Vietnamese 223, 748. This comes to less than 300,000 losses. The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong, however, are said to have lost more than a million soldiers and two million civilians. In terms of body count, the U.S. and South Vietnam won a clear victory.

What is the longest War in history?

The Longest Wars Ever To Be Fought In Human History

Rank War or conflicts Duration
1 Reconquista 781 years
2 Anglo-French Wars 748 years
3 Byzantine-Bulgarian wars 715 years
4 Roman–Persian Wars 681 years

What’s the longest war in history?

Is the US officially at war with Afghanistan?

After nearly 20 years, the U.S. is ending its war in Afghanistan, withdrawing the last American troops. Left behind is the U.S.-allied government, riven by corruption and divisions, which must fend off advancing Taliban insurgents amid stalled peace talks.

How is the war in Afghanistan similar to the Vietnam War?

Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars are very different. Afghanistan war happened because of international counterterrorism operation mixed up in a tribal civil war whereas Vietnam war happened because of superpowers over laid on top of a national liberation movement. The Afghanistan war and global counterterrorism efforts were more successful.

Is there a war going on in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War is still going on in Vietnam While nearly 60,000 Americans lost their lives in the war, more than 3.3 million Vietnamese (both North and South including civilians) died. In 1971 alone, 800,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped on these countries – and that was when the war was ‘winding down’.

What dangers did American soldiers face in Vietnam?

Discipline problems and ‘fragging’ Disillusionment with the war was coupled with psychological trauma. Most US soldiers who had spent time ‘in country’ had seen fellow servicemen, sometimes their friends, killed or disfigured by sniper fire, mines or booby traps.

What was the most feared army in history?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Warriors or Armies of All Time

  • Israeli Commando (Sayeret Matkal) These modern day soldiers are among the best fighters in the world.
  • The Roman Legionaries.
  • Mongol Empire Army.
  • The Spartans.
  • The Vikings.
  • Russian Spetsnaz.
  • Templar Knights and Crusaders.
  • German Empire Army.

When did the Soviet Union go to war in Afghanistan?

When the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan in December 1979, it set the stage for a decade-long quagmire, similar to the American War in Vietnam.

What war had the most deaths?

World War II
By far the most costly war in terms of human life was World War II (1939–45), in which the total number of fatalities, including battle deaths and civilians of all countries, is estimated to have been 56.4 million, assuming 26.6 million Soviet fatalities and 7.8 million Chinese civilians were killed.

Is the US still paying for the Vietnam War?

The Paris Peace Accords “officially” ended the war in 1973, but fighting continued until 1975. The United States pays $22 billion a year in war compensations to Vietnam veterans and their families.

Why did the US fail in Vietnam?

America “lost” South Vietnam because it was an artificial construct created in the wake of the French loss of Indochina. Because there never was an “organic” nation of South Vietnam, when the U.S. discontinued to invest military assets into that construct, it eventually ceased to exist.

Why was the Vietnam War so politically charged?

The Vietnam War is considered one of the most politically charged military campaigns in our nation’s history as young men were drafted into service to fight against the spread of communism.

How did the Soviet Union compare to Vietnam?

The Soviets, like their American counterparts in Vietnam, were heavily reliant on helicopters for movement through the hostile countryside. Also mirroring the American approach in Southeast Asia, the Soviets used only a bare fraction of their military might, refusing to delegate more men and material than were absolutely necessary.

Why did we go to War with Afghanistan?

The United States invasion of Afghanistan occurred after the September 11 attacks in late 2001 and was supported by close US allies which had officially begun the War on Terror. Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power.

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