How many genius world records are there?

What are some easy world records?

Longest waking time for a person. This is perhaps the easiest to do in terms of preparation.

  • Most number of playing card collection. This might take a long time because you need to bring together as many decks of cards that you can,possibly everyday.
  • Longest time for a hug.
  • Breaking the record of the longest time trapped in an elevator.
  • What is the easiest world record to break?

    The easiest record to break is a “new category” record. That is, a record for which there is no record, yet. If you can convince Guinness that there is a record category worthy of setting, and allow them to provide the guidelines by which you can set it, then it’s yours for the setting.

    What are some amazing world records?

    The record titles currently being visited the most by you, our readers on

    • Longest time in an abdominal plank position (male)
    • Most career goals (football)
    • Shortest woman – living (mobile)
    • Widest mouth – unstretched.
    • Highest vehicle mileage.
    • Largest living cat.
    • Tallest man ever.

    How many genius world records are there?

    There are more than 40,000 current records in our database and we try our best to feature as many as possible online.

    What are some unusual world records?

    Top 10 Unusual Guinness World Records Heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets. Believe it or not, the heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets is 907 pounds (411.65 kilograms). Fastest 100m running on all fours. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Fastest individual 1 mile run wearing swim fins. Most people inside a soap bubble. Most body piercings in one session.

    What is the most famous world record?

    The 10 best world records

    • Tallest dog ever. Gentle Giant: Zeus the great Dane (here with owner Kevin Doorlag and his son Nick) was afraid of the measuring tape.
    • Heaviest onion.
    • Oldest criminal gang.
    • Longest tongue.
    • Fastest women’s marathon.
    • Most press-ups in an hour.
    • Tallest man ever.
    • Oldest person ever.

    What is the funniest world record?

    15 Of The Weirdest Guinness World Records That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

    1. Nick Stoeberl holds the world record for the longest tongue.
    2. Garry Turner holds the record for the stretchiest skin since 1999.
    3. 3. Lee Redmond has the longest fingernails in world.
    4. Ram Singh holds the world record for the longest moustache.

    Who holds the record for most world records?

    Ashrita Furman, from the US, holds the Guinness World Record for Most Guinness World Records titles held. Furman, 61, has set over 500 official Guinness Records since 1979.

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