Wine in the Wolds: a tour of Yorkshire’s vineyards | Wine holidays

[ad_1] Cow parsley, daisies and towering monkshood had all but consumed the headstones in the graveyard around the old parish church in Warter. Bumblebees and dingy skipper butterflies busied themselves at the stamens, while sheep mowed the slope yonder and a red kite hovered hungrily over a thorny hedgerow. Having mooched around indoors – the … Read more

An immersive weekend of wine and wine-making in south Devon is a crushing success | Devon holidays

[ad_1] I am blindfolded with a peg on my nose, chewing on a wine gum. This wasn’t exactly what I expected when I signed up for a wine course … I can taste nothing except gummy blandness. Then, when instructed, I remove the peg. Whoa! My mouth is flooded with intense fruity sweetness. Map of … Read more