How to take the lead in dog walking – and earn unconditional love in return | Dogs

[ad_1] Pepper meets Mr Binks for the first time and bottom-sniffs the diminutive pooch by way of greeting. As ever, I look away. But Mr Binks’s owner, dog behaviourist Anna Webb, says: “Ah, that’s nice, they’re introducing themselves.” Pepper, my miniature schnauzer, trots off ahead down the pavement, followed by me, holding her lead, and … Read more

Coronavirus live: Biden to be briefed on US Covid origins report; Scotland could see restrictions return amid case rise | World news

[ad_1] Nicola Sturgeon has warned some Covid controls could be reimposed in Scotland after the country recorded a record spike in new cases, which have doubled in the past week. The first minister said 4,324 new cases were detected in Scotland in the last 24 hours – the highest daily figure on record, with nearly … Read more

Dear Diary: how keeping a journal can bring you daily peace | Life and style

[ad_1] I still get funny looks from people when I mention that I keep a diary. Maybe the practice strikes them as shifty or weirdly old-fashioned. It’s true that I never feel more furtive than when my wife finds me writing it at our kitchen table – it’s like being spotted entering a confessional box … Read more