Are there nice parts of Afghanistan?

Which is the second largest city in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s second largest city is one of the oldest known human communities, with an intricate history and culture. One of the most interesting places to see in Kandahar is the Friday Mosque of Kandahar, a holy Islamic place of worship considered of utmost importance in the country. Some even call it ‘the heart of Afghanistan.’

When was Afghanistan a tourist destination?

Tourism in Afghanistan was at its glorious best in the 1970s. Over 90,000 tourists visited Afghanistan from all over the world to see the unique beauty of the country and experience the treat of one of the most hospitable people.

Are there nice parts of Afghanistan?

Jalalabad. Jalalabad, in the eastern part of the country, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Afghanistan thanks to the large green areas and surrounding water. It was an outpost for Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of modern Afghanistan, who used the city during his military campaigns in India.

Which is the best place to visit in Kabul?

The Gardens of Babur in Kabul features several plant species. The tourist destination is also the place where the remains Moghul Emperor Babur were buried. In the gardens, people can find a small but attractive mosque. The Bot-e-Bambiyan features popular Buddha statues from the 3rd century and the 5th century.

Which is the most popular tourist site in Afghanistan?

one of the finest and most popular Islamic sites in the world. Inside the mosque, tourists can see a big bronze cauldron as well as a Sherbet receptacle. Moreover, the place features Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din’s tomb. The Gardens of Babur in Kabul features several plant species.

Which is the most famous mosque in Afghanistan?

“ The Jama Masjid of Herat (مسجد جمعه هرات), also known as the Masjid-i Jami’ of Herat, [1]and the Great Mosque of Herat [1] is a mosque in the city of Herat, in the Herat Province of north-western Afghanistan. ” “ There were a few photos published by Kabul Media a few weeks ago. ” “ Beautiful architecture and amazing views of the city from inside.

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