Are there fish in Afghanistan?

How many species of animals are there in Afghanistan?

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What kind of fish do they have in Afghanistan?

Some of the fish that live in Afghanistan include the helicopter catfish, the false osman, and the giant river catfish.

What is Austria National Animal?

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Are there fish in Afghanistan?

The fauna is a mix of Palaearctic species such as sturgeons and a trout and Oriental species such as snakeheads and a spiny eel. The majority of Afghan fish, 67 species, are Cypriniformes of which 49 are Cyprinidae and 17 are Nemacheilidae (with one species in Cobitidae).

What kind of minerals are found in Afghanistan?

Lapis, a mineral found in Afghanistan. Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghanistan is a country in Asia. The landlocked country has an area of about 252,000 square miles and a population of about 31 million people.

Does Afghanistan have trout?

The upper reaches of the Kabul basin are dominated by a variety of snow trout (Schizothoracini) and cobitid species which are adapted to cold, fast-flowing mountain streams.

Is there salmon in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, there are various commonly farmed species, with the most famous salmon and halibut being raised in natural water-bodies or concrete enclosures of land. Several thousand tons of fish are now being produced in Kandahar province, providing a high income of up to 9.5 million U.S. dollars annually.

Which is the most famous dish in Afghanistan?

It is not famous even in Afghanistan but every Afghan living outside of the country love to eat Kabuli Pulao anywhere they find it. It is cooked at every house as it is the part of their lives. Mouth watering dish of Afghanistan the “Kabuli Palao” is on the table.

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