Are Pashtuns descendants of Greeks?

What are the theories of the Pashtun origin?

Theories of Pashtun origin. Prior to DNA studies, it was generally acknowledged that their origins were obscure, and modern scholars suggest that a single origin of the Pashtuns is unlikely but rather are a tribal confederation.

What kind of people are the Pashtuns of India?

The British physician and authority on oriental languages, Henry Walter Bellew, accredited for writing the first Pushtu dictionary in colonial India, suggested that the Pashtuns (Pathans) are actually a mixture of the Greek and Rajput peoples.

What do Pashtuns wear?

Pashtun women tend to wear a ‘standard’ Afghan outfit made up of trousers (partug), a dress with long sleeves and full skirt (kamiz), often a waistcoat (waskat) and some form of head covering (shal, chador).

Where are the majority of Pashtuns located in the world?

The vast majority of the Pashtuns are found in the traditional Pashtun homeland, located in an area south of the Amu Darya in Afghanistan and west of the Indus River in Pakistan, which includes Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the northern part of Balochistan.

What tribe are Pashtuns from?

Afghani tribe
Meet the Pashtuns, the Afghani tribe who rule Pakistan’s’wild west’ Residents of the plush suburb of Hayatabad in Peshawar city in north western Pakistan thought the war in neighbouring Afghanistan had come to their doorsteps this week.

Are Pashtuns descendants of Greeks?

Many of the modern ethnic Afghans (Pashtuns), are no doubt, descendants of the ancient Greeks colonists. Furthermore, it is known that Greeks, starting from Alexander the Great himself, married with local women and that several colonies were settled in the cities they have founded in Afghanistan.

Where did the Pashtuns get their name from?

The ancient Pashtuns, whom, I will also call Greco-Afghans, seem to have taken customs from the ancient Greeks of several parts of the mainland ancient Greece. One such example is the trial by jury of the Athenians.

Are Pashtuns Arab?

Other Pashtun tribes claim descent from Arabs including some even claiming to be descendants of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad (popularly referred to as sayyids). Some groups from Peshawar, and Kandahar, such as the Afridis, Khattaks, and Sadozais, also claim to be descended from Alexander the Great’s Greeks.

Are Pashtuns bactrians?

Pashtuns or Afghans (both terms are interchangeable) are descendants of Bactrians, who mixed with Scythians (or Scytho-Sarmatians or Saka) that migrated to Afghanistan around 200BC, when the Yuezhi (a mix of Sakas and Tocharians) displaced some of them from their original homeland in the Central Asian steppe and then …

What are Pashtuns known for?

Pashtun culture is celebrated for its traditional music, dancing, poetry and storytelling. A majority of Pashtuns rely upon agriculture (irrigated wheat) and animal husbandry for their source of income, with some involved in trading in these and other commodities.

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